Comprehensive Ranking Points calculation changes to promote francophone immigration

Comprehensive Ranking Points calculation changes to promote francophone immigration

If you score NCLC 7 or higher on all four French language skills, you will now be able to obtain the following additional points under Express Entry:

  • 25 points if you scored CLB 4 or lower in English (or if you didn’t take an English test) – this used to be 15 points
  • 50 points if you scored CLB 5 or higher on all four English skills – this used to be 30 points

This is over and above the second language points that are possible – therefore French language points are given considerable additional weight in the Express Entry process.

Why was this change implemented?

Canada has two official languages – English and French. Most French speakers reside in the province of Quebec, but Canada would like to encourage francophone integration outside of Quebec. Canada is aiming to increase French-speaking Permanent Resident admissions into Canada by 4.4% by 2023. As part of Canada’s Action Plan for Official Languages: Investing in our Future, IRCC will invest over $40.8 Million CAD between 2018 and 2023 to further this objective.

Canadian Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino provided some context in this tweet:

“We’re changing the highly-successful Express Entry System to make it easier for Francophone and bilingual immigrants to come to Canada – creating good, local jobs while helping Francophone communities flourish in all corners of our country.”

This announcement came a few days before the Immigration Levels Plan, where Canada committed to admit over 1.2 Million new permanent residents to Canada between 2021 and 2023. This is a significant increase and great news for Canada, as it relies on immigration to fuel post-pandemic economic recovery. Therefore, a notable 60% of those admitted will be under the economic Classes.

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